Dabir Surfaces Inc. Awarded Contract with Vizient for Powered Overlay Surfaces


Dabir Surfaces, Inc. has been awarded a contract with Vizient, Inc. for powered overlay surfaces used with patients at risk of developing pressure injuries in perioperative care and inpatient care areas of the hospital among other settings. Effective April 1, 2021, this agreement provides Vizient members with access to negotiated pricing and terms for the company’s innovative solutions to pressure injury prevention.

While progress has been made in reducing pressure injuries, particularly in the acute care setting, the condition persists. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality data shows a 6% increase in pressure ulcers even as hospital-acquired conditions decrease by 13% overall. Our patient support systems have been clinically demonstrated to prevent pressure injuries through periodic pressure off-loading to promote health tissue perfusion,” said Anil Shetty, President of Dabir Surfaces.

About Dabir Surfaces Inc.

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