Frequently Asked Questions About Dabir Surfaces

How does Dabir differ from competing devices?

The nodal size and spacing is significantly smaller than competing devices which minimizes skin shear when alternating support occurs.

Are there different settings depending on someone’s BMI?

Clinical research to determine optimal settings for various BMI classes is ongoing.  The current product is designed to support persons up to 400 lbs and offers adjustability to maximize comfort.

Can I use this product on any base surface?

Virtually yes. The Dabir surface has been shown to be effective at providing pressure relief on most standard hospital mattresses and OR surgical pads.

Does this product replace the need for a base support surface?

No, the Dabir surface is designed to go on top of a base mattress or support pad.

Can I buy a less expensive base surface if I use a Dabir surface?

Potentially. The Dabir surface has demonstrated pressure relief on all base surface mattresses tested.

Does Dabir work better on certain types of base surfaces?

Testing to date shows greater relief as base surface firmness increases, but Dabir surfaces are designed to work with soft mattresses too.

Is it comfortable?

Although comfort is subjective, our studies show that the majority of people that have tried our surface found it to be comfortable.

Will my patients tend to slide out of bed?

No, the surface incorporates a non-slip feature to help minimize risk of falls. Also, the unique low- profile design of the Dabir surface will not increase the risk when a patient is on a standard hospital mattress.

How will I know when to replace the surface?

The system controller will know the usage profile of any connected surface and will notify you when it is time to replace the surface. Owners of the Dabir Surgical System can download the surface life in hours to a USB external hard drive. In the case of the Dabir Patient Care System, the display has a gauge that will display the hours remaining on the connected surface.

How easy is it to clean?

The standard surface is to be wiped down using commonly available cleaning solutions and following the hospital procedure for disinfecting.

What makes the controller special?

The Dabir controller has sophisticated software algorithms which monitor performance and alert the caregiver when the surface needs replacement or if maintenance is required.  Dabir Surgical Systems have an interconnect system also that includes wireless, encrypted reader and data storage technology for communication between the controller and surface.