Pressure Ulcer Prevention Systems

Pressure ulcer prevention is a key consideration for patients at risk for developing in pressure injuries. In the perioperative setting, patients can be exposed to the cumulative effects of pressure beginning in pre-op through the intra-operative phase and into the PACU and ICU. It has been reported that 23% of all hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) are acquired intra-operatively during surgeries lasting three hours or more.1

Hospital-acquired PI’s (HAPIs) occur in 6% to 10% of surgical critical care patients in the United States and result in longer hospitalization, increased morbidity, and human suffering.2

Dabir patient support systems feature low-profile surfaces are comprised of rows of geometric air-filled nodes that alternate by inflating and deflating to provide tissue offloading. This allows tissue reperfusion to occur thereby preventing pressure ulcers.

Innovative Technology

Dabir patient support systems

  • Provide whole body skin protection for patients in the acute care setting.
  • Have been clinically demonstrated to reduce pressure injuries.3
  • Are well tolerated by the clinical staff

This innovative solution

  • Provides tissue offloading
  • Mitigates the effects of deep tissue deformation and
  • Reduces skin shear to prevent pressure (ulcers) injuries.

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