“Outcomes” presented by Joyce Pittman

February 16, 2023

Dabir Patient Support Surfaces offer NEW INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY for pressure injury prevention in the OR and Critical Care for complex cardiovascular patients.

Existing clinical evidence shows that use of Dabir patient support surfaces can reduce pressure injuries in patients at risk of developing pressure injuries. According to the new Pressure Injury Prevention section of the 2023 Edition Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, place patients who are identified as being at high risk on an alternating air pressure (AP) support surface.

The following video excerpt was presented at EPUAP 2022 by world-renowned speaker and clinical nurse Joyce Pittman. In her presentation titled “Pressure Injury Prevention for Complex Cardiovascular Patients in the Operating Room and Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Project” Joyce discusses the implementation of the Dabir surface technology and the solutions it presents when dealing with pressure injuries.