Dr. Amit Gefen at EPUAP 2022

February 3, 2023

Due to heavy interest, Dabir is offering a limited-time replay of Amit Gefen’s EPUAP 2022 session titled “Biomechanics of pressure ulcers in the operating room: An innovative specialized support surface for prevention.” Dr. Gefen is a world-renowned expert on pressure ulcers and in this video he talks about new solutions to preventing tissue deformations in the operating room.

In this video we will cover:

Effective pressure ulcer prevention from research to practice.

  • The biomechanics of pressure ulcers, and the aetiology of pressure ulcer (PU) formation and progression.
  • How to mitigate PUs in an operating room environment.
  • The real problem of PUs in the acute care setting.
  • A practical and novel approach for PU prevention in immobile complex cardiovascular patients in the OR and critical care.