Pressure Injury Prevention for Complex Cardiovascular Patients in OR and ICU

March 30, 2022

Join us at AACN’s premier progressive and critical care nursing conference. This year Dabir will be hosting a special Sunrise Session. We hope to see you there.

Facilitator(s): Joyce A Pittman, PhD, MSN

Presented by: Dabir Surfaces, Inc.

CERP A 1.00

Houston Conference

Date Tuesday 5/17/2022

Time 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM CT

Room Marriott Houston 4

Session Summary

Critically ill cardiovascular surgical patients are especially at risk for pressure injury (PI) development due to their complex medical conditions and exposure to prolonged surgical procedures. This was found to be true in our critically ill cardiothoracic patients and 30% were found to be related to the Operating Room (OR). This session presents the findings of a quality improvement project to prevent PIs in the OR and Intensive Care Unit using an innovative dynamic micropressure overlay.


  • Describe the problem of pressure injuries in the acute care setting.
  • Identify three advanced technology opportunities for pressure injury prevention.