Dabir Surfaces Inc. Announces Three-Year Agreement with Premier

May 28, 2021

Dabir Surfaces, Inc. has been awarded a three-year agreement with Premier Inc. for OR Patient Positioning Products used with patients at risk for developing pressure injuries in perioperative care. Effective August 1, 2021, this agreement provides Premier members with access to negotiated pricing and terms for the company’s innovative solutions to pressure injury prevention.

We are pleased to announce our OR Patient Positioning Products agreement with Premier. We know from our customers that oncology patients, many with poor nutritional status, patients undergoing flaps procedure, transplant patients, cardiovascular and cardio-thoracic patients among others have all benefited from our innovative technology. These outcomes are consistent with a peer-reviewed article that showed the Dabir Surgical System reduced the hospital-acquired pressure injury rate from 6% to 0% in neurosurgery patients,” said Anil Shetty, President of Dabir Surfaces.

About Dabir Surfaces Inc.

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