Operating Room

Dabir Surgical Systems are well suited for patients undergoing surgical procedures exceeding 2 hours. These patients are immobilized on operating tables and may experience impeded blood flow that can lead to tissue damage and cell necrosis.

Perioperative teams now have an effective solution for protecting patients at risk for pressure injury. The Dabir Surgical System has been shown in neurosurgery patients to lower hospital-acquired pressure injuries.

Dabir Surgical Systems Highlights

  • Low-profile surface that provide tissue offloading and is 1-inch thick when fully inflated
  • Dynamically alternating pressure surface that reduced skin-shear effects due to immersion and alternating inflation
  • Semi-disposable / multi-patient-use surface that can be cleaned with commonly available hospital cleaning agents
  • X-ray translucent surface
  • Available in various sizes and shapes for a wide range of surgical procedures
  • Well accepted by the perioperative team