Alternating Pressure Surfaces for Medical Surgical Units

Wound Care professionals and skin champions will agree that pressure injury (ulcer) prevention is preferred over treatment options. With the Dabir Patient Care System alternating pressure surfaces, patients in medical surgical units have access to Dabir MedSurg surfaces that offer an innovative pressure injury (ulcer) prevention system that provide tissue offloading capabilities for healthy tissue.

Dabir MedSurg alternating pressure surfaces are compatible with a range of medical surgical beds and provide localized alternating patient support and tissue relief with minimal immersion and inflation skin-shear effects.

Dabir MedSurg Surface Highlights

  • MicroPressure: Semi-disposable / multi-patient use with between-patient cleaning using commonly available hospital cleaning agents and following facility protocol.
  • Thin, low-profile design that is 1” thick when inflated
  • Surfaces incorporate electronic intelligence for automated replacement monitoring
  • Suitable for patients weighing 15 – 600 lbs.