About Dabir Surfaces Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Dabir Surfaces Inc. is focused on improving patient outcomes and preventing pressure injury (ulcer) through the design and manufacture of advanced medical device technologies.

The company was formed in 2012 as a collaboration between Dr. Reza Dabir and a team of dedicated engineers at Dabir Surfaces Inc. to develop an innovative solution to the on-going problem of pressure injuries (decubitus ulcers) in immobilized patients. Dr. Dabir had long been aware of the seemingly inevitable complication of tissue breakdown in elderly and immobilized patient populations. Designers and engineers at the company had deep expertise in technology and manufacturing gained from decades of experience in automotive, appliance and consumer electronics sectors that was leveraged to create the Dabir systems. Dabir systems have been successfully used in tens of thousands of surgical procedures across the country, in many cases resulting in zero pressure injuries (decubitus ulcers) after implementation.


The inspiration for the Dabir surface was derived from the ancient bed-of-nails concept where a person is safely supported by distributing their body weight across many small points of contact, Dr. Dabir recognized that in doing so, the key circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow within the skin could be maintained. The hypothesis was that a surface overlay comprised of rows of air-fill geometric nodes in place of nails could achieve the same tissue preserving effects, and potentially aid in the prevention of hospital-acquired pressure injuries.