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AORN Issues New Guideline on Pressure Injury Prevention

August 8, 2022


In May, the Association of Perioperative Nurses (AORN) published an article that outlined 10 New Practices to Protect Patients from Positioning Injuries. To help better understand these new practices, AORN will be conducting a Guideline Workshop Series in six selected cities.

Key Points:

New practice item No. 7 is an update to support surfaces used for high-risk patients, specifically:

7. Update Support Surfaces Used for High-Risk Patients

Patients at high risk for pressure injury should be placed on high-specification reactive or alternating pressure support surfaces before and after surgery. See Recommendation 3.3 in Preventing Pressure Injury guideline.


This new guideline on pressure injury prevention was written to reflect the growing evidence around protecting patients from positioning injuries that warranted a new guideline on the topic. 

Previously, information on pressure injury was contained in the positioning guideline. During this review, that information was extracted updated for new evidence and made into its own guideline.

Based on observation, AORN does a 3- to 5-year review of the guidelines, generally. This was a 5-year review of positioning, and a new pressure injury guideline was created simultaneously.


AORN is planning a One-Day Guideline Workshop Series in six selected cities.

September 17 in Raleigh, NC

September 24 in Philadelphia, PA

October 8 in Kansas City, MO

October 22 in Los Angeles, CA

November 5 in Atlanta, GA

November 12 in Dallas, TX

To help support the AORN Guideline Workshop Series, Dabir Surfaces, Inc. will have trained staff on hand to help professionals better understand support surfaces used for high-risk patients. Dabir Surfaces, Inc. will also provide lunch during the Guideline Workshop Series to ensure all inquiries about pressure prevention strategies in the perioperative environment are answered. 


Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get a better understanding on updated Guidelines, ask the authors questions, experience fun, hands-on demos of the latest surgical suite solutions, and network with peers – all in a one-day workshop. Dabir will be sponsoring lunch in an effort to promote dialogue about support surfaces used for high-risk patients. 

You can register here: