Dabir Surface Overlays
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Our research found that by distributing body weight across many small points of alternating contact, the conditions which promote healthy skin tissue perfusion may be enhanced. Dabir technology targets the key circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow with a revolutionary nodal support technology that has the potential to aid in the fight against pressure inuries. Dabir surfaces are suitable for surgical table applications for patients weighing 15 – 400 lbs, and for medsurg bed and stretcher applications for patients weighing 15 – 600 lbs. 

Dabir surfaces are engineered to address the primary device related factors (such as prolonged support pressure, skin shear at the support surface interface) that contribute to pressure injuries and discomfort in patients who are immobilized.

The Dabir System Provides:

  • Alternating Nodal Support & Tissue Relief (Augments skin tissue perfusion)
  • Adjustable Cycle Rate & Firmness Control
  • Two Types of Skin Shear Relief (Inflation & Immersion Effects)
  • Enhanced Infection Control (Semi-Disposable)
  • An Ergonomic Caregiver Solution (Thin, easy to deploy surface)
  • X-Ray Translucent Support

Learn more about the Dabir surfaces control unit and surfaces by clicking on an image below:

Learn more about the Dabir surfaces control unit for better pressure injury managementDabir pressure surface surfaces for better pressure injury management