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Microclimate Mattress Overlays

At the core of the DabirAIR® Microclimate Overlay is a patented design that offers alternating nodal support / pressure relief with minimal skin shear to preserve the interstitial circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow necessary for healthy tissue perfusion. Dabir Mattress Overlays are X-Ray translucent at the patient interface, work with any Dabir controller and come in two basic constructions in a variety of sizes:

DabirAIR Micropressure is a microclimate mattress overlay

Dabir Microclimate Overlay:

  • Specified for single patient use
  • Includes Low Air Loss performance
  • Removes Excess Heat / Moisture
  • Rolls out onto existing mattress or surgical table pad
  • Covers with standard sheet
Download DabirAIR Microclimate Mattress Overlay Specifications Download the DabirAIR Micropressure and Microclimate Mattress Overlay Brochure

Dabir Microclimate Mattress Overlays are manufactured with contamination resistant materials to extend use, ease clean-up, and minimize usage costs.

 DabirAIR critical care overlays

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