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Innovation in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Industry has long approached pressure ulcer prevention under the assumption that pressure has to be minimized. Sometimes though, innovation comes from a radically different perspective when trying to advance a solution. Dabir technology is one of these examples.

The Bed of Nails Concept

Sounds uncomfortable? We'd agree! Dabir technology is based on the principle of supporting a person on small, closely spaced areas of contact (Comfort Nodes) that dynamically alternate in height to relieve support pressure areas. The aim is to preserve the circulatory components of arterial, venous and lymphatic blood flow in between these areas of contact. Just like in a bed of nails example, except without the sharp nails!

Common pressure ulcer areas

The Dabir Solution

Dabir technology addresses the primary medical device related "Root Causes" of ulcer formation:

  • Pressure / Duration
  • Skin Shear
  • Excess Heat & Moisture

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