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Operating Table Overlays

DabirAIR® Operating Table Overlays are appropriate for all acute-care patients, but particularly helpful to patients undergoing long surgical procedures exceeding 2 hours. Patients immobilized on operating tables may experience impeded blood flow (ischemia) that can lead to tissue damage and cell death.

Operating table overlays by DabirAIR

The DabirAIR Overlay System was developed in collaboration with Dr. Reza Dabir (Cardiovascular Surgeon) after seeing first-hand the tissue damage that can occur as a result of long surgical procedures and extended patient immobilization. Surgeons and perioperative professionals with a goal of reducing the risks of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers now have a new alternative for protecting patients, the DabirAIR Operating Table Overlay System:

  • Low-profile, alternating support and tissue relief (Only 1” thick when inflated) 
  • Reduced skin-shear effects due to immersion and alternating inflation 
  • Semi-disposable / multi-patient-use with standard hospital cleaning regimens
  • Intelligent, X-ray translucent and easy-to-deploy overlay 
  • Various sizes and shapes available for Surgical Table

CMS has classified hospital-acquired pressure ulcers as medical “never events” and will no longer reimburse their associated treatment costs. A patient outcome with a hospital-acquired pressure ulcer is NOT an inevitable occurrence. The DabirAIR Operating Table Overlay offers an alternative approach for front-line surgical staff to enhance healthy tissue protocols. 

Operating table overlays by DabirAIR

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